December 2014
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March 2015
Fashion & Travel
Booth Moore
LUCCA great finds has just that (ceramics by Astier de Villatte; embroidered pillows and accessories by Brooklyn's Coral & Tusk; teas from Mariage Frères, as well as custom cards).

November 2014
Sunday Travel Section
David Laskin

September 2012
Best Neighborhood Shops

March 2002
Sunday Travel Section
Katherine Ashenburg 
I spent the rest of the afternoon on Market and Ballard streets, wandering into...the superb LUCCA, which has wonderful French decorative objects. LUCCA has a buyer with a flair for the stylish and unexpected, such as 19th-century silk banners advertising French fetes at $350, as well as more affordable writing paper, calendars and garden bric-a-brac. Open daily.


Designed to resemble Parisian gift salons of the 1920s and 1930s, this little Ballard shop is an absolute joy to explore. You never know what might turn up amid the vintage classics and chic contemporary items. Perhaps you're in need of some mounted insects for your curiosity cabinet, or maybe you just need some French toothpaste. Whichever you seek, you'll find it here.

November 2005
Kimberly Brown Seely
Look at Lucca

European-inspired Lucca Great Finds is a tiny store stocked with well-chosen treasures: beautifully boxed, handcrafted MarieBelle truffles ($9-$25), G. Lalo writing paper in dreamy colors ($8-$12), and, for die-hard Francophiles, Eiffel Tower desk statues ($42). 
January 2002
William Kissell Health & Grooming - Herbal Renewal 
Santa Maria Novella: Modern remedies from 13th-century monks.
Santa Maria Novella is the crown jewel of body care - the most important, the best product, the most prestigious." says John Bressler, owner of Lafco New York...."With Santa Maria Novella, the relationship between prestige and price is skewed: Prestige is not born out of price but out of authenticity. Of course it is hard to dispute the authenticity of a company that was founded almost 800 years ago and is considered the world's oldest perfumery.

Spring/Summer 2002
Unvieled - News and Notes for the Nearly Wed
Ali Bayse 
Are your groomsmen a little rough around the edges? Spruce 'em up with Italian toiletries from Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, one of the world's oldest pharmacies (c.1612), located in Florence. Alcohol di Menta mint mouthwash, $18 and Sapone di Latte soap, available in five scents, $16, should do the trick. Available at LUCCA great finds in Ballard, 206.782.7337.  

Lucca Great Finds
Modeled after the charming gift shops all across Europe, Lucca Great Finds brings the Old Country to America. Unlike their American counterparts, it seems European gift shops don't specialize in shot glasses and sparkly pens. No, these gifts of a more refined variety include soaps from an Italian apothecary, fine stationery, birdcages, ornate glassware, silk ribbon, antique prints, apothecary jars and leather-bound journals.

April 2008
Danielle Henderson
LUCCA great finds is the second Lucca store of owners Francine Katz and Peter Riches, whose first venture, Lucca Statuary, brought classic European garden statues to the Northwest in 1991. The newer Ballard establishment keeps the shopping experience distinctly European, this time an homage to the eclectic treasures of the French flea market. Birdcages and cloches, chandeliers and little vignettes provide the backdrop for hours of sheer browsing joy. Fine papers and stationary, candles and soaps are the store staples, accented with one-of-a-kind and vintage pieces. The decor of the store deserves special mention: the owners have used statuary from the original Lucca as bases for the display tables, and the rich, almost creamy, black walls (is it possible for black to be creamy?) set off the carefully chosen greenery. Let's just say Ballard is so worth the trip.


April 2011  
Yvonne D.
This place is a godsend for people with friends & lovers who are impossible to buy gifts for. Does your little princess or prince have impeccable taste? You know the type, they can’t help but gravitate towards expensive, arty, and sophisticated items (you can hear $cha-ching$ when in proximity to such people). God forbid if you get them anything mass produced or something that doesn’t look like it was stolen from a museum. Perhaps they expect the world from you? I tend to end up with these delightful creatures and gifts tend to be a challenge, especially since I’m not a sugar mama by any means. So when I stumbled upon Lucca I was relieved that perhaps I’ll be able to maintain the upkeep on my fancy friends and come off smelling like a rose too! Lucca has unique finds, awesome cards, and quirky whimsical antique like items. With my social life intact, I must say Lucca is the best little gift shop in Ballard if not all of Seattle. Hint to those that want to buy me a present in the near future- anything in this store would be welcomed if not encouraged.  ;)

Feb 2011
Styled like a chic, slightly gothic Parisian flea market, this place could easily suck away an afternoon. Bowls of Mexican milagros sit next to shadow-boxed insects and turn-of-the-century toys, while the walls are lined with letterpress cards.

Shops We Love
May 2004
Lucca Great Finds (5332 Ballard Ave. NW, 206-782-7337) for spot-on gifts.

February 2005
The name is apt: Stroll through this well-edited decor and paper goods store and you'll quickly turn up goods that aren't easily found elsewhere. That includes antique glass medicine bottles, and taper candles poured in the shape of knotty twigs. And do check out the shelves overflowing with spools of gorgeous, unusual ribbons; take home a few yards to tie around your next present.

March/April 2005
Word of Ballard's Lucca Great Finds has spread as far as the New York Times with good reason. Statuary, bird cages and baskets fill this Euro-centric store, where a quick once-over will not be enough.

Best of 2001 - Shopping 
December 2001
On Ballard Avenue NW - the new shabby-chic paradise LUCCA great finds - the only place in town we’ve found Officina di Profuma di Santa Maria Novella bath and body products from Italy.

January/February 2002
In An Italian Lather
Jenni Simpson 
Fans of the divine bath and body products from Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella will be happy to learn they no longer have to rely on their broken Italian to call overseas and purchase indulgences. Lucca great finds is the exclusive Seattle-area retail source of these soaps and products made at the famous pharmacy in Florence that was once (during the 17th century) run by Italian monks. Available in fragrances such as rose, violet, lavender, mint, lilac, and verbena, the soaps, colognes, powders and tonics are still made with the original centuries-old chemical-free formulas and techniques used by the monks. The best part is, these authentic luxuries don't come with an expensive trip to Europe. Spend $16 for a bar of soap to $110 for the cologne.

September 2005   
Kathleen W
This place is just scrumptious! The narrow space is filled with scented candles and lotions, the walls are lined with stationary and wrapping paper that reminds me of french wallpaper.. antique chandeliers hang from the ceiling. This place just feels like Europe! I don't remember the prices because for once in my life I was thinking "whatever it costs, it's worth it". Go here for gifts and simple things to make you feel more like the princess you are!

Editorial Profile
Citysearch Staff
Elegant, eclectic gifts for everyone on your list. Ballard Avenue is now heavy with tasteful gift shops, but Lucca may win the prize for cramming in the highest volume of attractive wares. Featuring European jewelry, soaps, candles, housewares, stationary and all manner of decorative pieces and curios, this elegant boutique offers choices to fit most any price range. Better yet, the eclectic stock--framed insect specimens to dainty teas--fits nearly everyone on your shopping list.DIRECTIONS.html
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